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An Introduction to Search Engine Optimization for Small Businesses in Nigeria

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is the process of improving on and off you in other to gain more exposure in search engine results. More exposure and more result will automatically lead to more visitors finding you for the right reasons and coming to your website.

In other words, SEO is a methodology used to gain traffic by making your website visible in search engine results via organic or paid technique (I am not talking about black-hat) the term organic means using natural ways to enhance website visibility without a pay-per-click service like google and Bing ads.

The goal of Search Engines

To understand the goal of SEO, we must first understand the goal of the search engine themselves. At the heart of it all, search engines are just trying to find and understand all the content out there on the internet and quickly deliver relevant & authoritative results based on any phrase the user might be searching for. Just like a human search, search engines only goal is to display information relevant to a query.

How Relevance and Authority Affects SEO


When a user search for something like “Lagos Plumbers”, search engines will display the result relevant to Plumbing in Lagos. Search engines will analyze all the web pages they have ever visited and pick at the webpages relevant to the phrase “Lagos Plumbers”. The search engines determine this by evaluating a lot of factors including how your website was writing in code, as well as how other website around the web is linking to it.

All of this is done using a complex algorithm. Time for this search is usually in split seconds, the results are displayed in order of relevance to the phrase.

An Introduction to Search Engine Optimization for Small Businesses in Nigeria
Google result of a simple search of Lagos plumbers

Search engines make a very clear distinction about content most relevant to the phrase “Lagos Plumbers” and those that are not. Taking the search example above, there is a high tendency that those who are searching for “Lagos Plumbers” might also want to know paint shops, plumbing materials sellers, kitchen fix sellers and more around Lagos. There exist a semantic relationship between search queries, so carry out your keyword research properly.


In a mighty place like the world wide web where anyone can post anything, the big question remains, is your website a trusted place on the internet that search engines will want to show to users?. A very common way for search engines like Google to know a websites Authority is evaluating what other websites are talking about it. This can be measured by the links out there that are linking to your website.

I want you to think of a link as a vote of confidence on the internet. Webpages linking to your website is almost like saying I trust your website a lot that I am willing to reference to it and possibly send traffic to your site. It’s a vote of trust and search engine pick up on these as they crawl the internet.

The kind of links that works in seo

As you try to find links on the internet, you should keep it in mind that it is not a popularity contest where you try to find the most vote. Search engines have a safe guide in place to prevent these kinds of abuse. You must instead emphasize the quality of links.

Google and Bing are more likely to prefer a link coming from a well-respected blog, magazine or website rather than a 2 weeks old website selling clicks. Think of it as a different kind of democracy where some votes are more important than others.

You will be able to understand & improve factors that determine search engine ranking when you understand the role Authority and Relevance plays in Search Engine Optimization

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