Top E-commerce Partner by Clutch

Swicdigital Proud to be Named a Top E-commerce Partner by Clutch!


Here at Swicdigital, we know it can be taxing on any new business to balance high-quality e-commerce development while staying afloat in a weak global economy. That’s why we’re here to help! We’re a premium SEO and web development firm based out of Nigeria. We create unique and successful websites and online stores that are […]

WordPress website design: The definitive guide 2020

WordPress website design: The definitive guide 2020

WordPress is one of the most used content management system in the system in the world. Currently, it powers more than 36% of the entire websites in the whole world use WordPress. As a company that builds mostly on WordPress, we have written this article to help you understand its power, features, why you should […]



WordPress is as the largest and most popular content management system, making it the most prone to hacking and cyber-attacks.  In 2018 Sucuri, a security plugin reported that 90% of its clean up requests were from WordPress. Take the security measures below to avoid data breaches and hacks. Its always end a lot better when […]

Top 20 famous website built with WordPress

Top 20 famous website built with WordPress

20 FAMOUS WEBSITES BUILT WITH WORDPRESS  Several people assume that WordPress is not a reliable software for building their sites because it is a free and open-source content management system. WordPress content management powers more than 38% of the web — a figure that rises every day, With over 1.7 billion sites on the world […]

inbound marketing strategy for your business

A definite guide to building an inbound marketing strategy for your business

One way to connect with consumers as a marketer, while also developing trust and loyalty is through inbound marketing. This guide covers a clear and explicit approach to inbound marketing. What’s in this guide? Definition of inbound marketing Content strategy Inbound methodology Inbound marketing with social media DEFINITION OF INBOUND MARKETING Inbound marketing is a […]

Ten key things you should consider when hiring a web design company

Ten key things you should consider when hiring a web design company.

A website is a great company billboard both for existing and would-be customers, but there are things to consider before hiring a website design company to build one for you. Making up your mind to build a website is one thing, while understanding you’ve gotten to that place where you know your company is ready […]

Tips key to hiring a web design company

10 key tips for hiring a web design company in Benin city

Hiring a web design company for your website design project is one of the most important decisions you will ever make for your company. Its important you take your time to select wisely because a lot of time, energy, and money goes into developing a website. While the only guaranteed way to know if a […]

website-design-company in Benin City

Ultimate Guide to starting a profitable Ecommerce Business in Nigeria

Starting a profitable ecommerce business in Nigeria as an individual or a startup can be very rewarding and sometimes a very herculean task. Especially when you are very new in an industry with so many pieces. As your store grows larger and orders rolling in, it gets more bulky and very difficult to operate an […]

Top 12 Web Design Agency in Benin City, Nigeria.

Top 12 Web Design Agency in Benin City, Nigeria.

Located just 320 Kilometres from Nigeria’s foremost tech hub Lagos, Benin City is home to a very vibrant tech community. Including tech startups, Web design agencies, internet marketing companies, online skills acquisition centres and much more. In this article, you will learn about best website design agencies in Benin City that you can safely trust […]

seo process

Our Typical SEO process at Swicdigital

The SEO process isn’t a sprint but a very long marathon.  It doesn’t end as fast as some people think. It never ends because there’s always something that needs fixing on and off your site. We can compare our SEO process here at Swicdigital to mountain climbing. we cannot fly or jump up the mountain. […]

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