profiitable ecommerce business in nigeria

Ultimate Guide to starting a profitable Ecommerce Business in Nigeria

Starting a profitable ecommerce business in Nigeria as an individual or a startup can be very rewarding and sometimes a very herculean task. Especially when you are very new in an industry with so many pieces. As your store grows larger and orders rolling in, it gets more bulky and very difficult to operate an […]

Top 12 Web Design Agency in Benin City, Nigeria.

Top 12 Web Design Agency in Benin City, Nigeria.

Located just 320 Kilometres from Nigeria’s foremost tech hub Lagos, Benin City is home to a very vibrant tech community. Including tech startups, Web design agencies, internet marketing companies, online skills acquisition centres and much more. In this article, you will learn about best website design agencies in Benin City that you can safely trust […]

seo process

Our Typical SEO process at Swicdigital

The SEO process isn’t a sprint but a very long marathon.  It doesn’t end as fast as some people think. It never ends because there’s always something that needs fixing on and off your site. We can compare our SEO process here at Swicdigital to mountain climbing. we cannot fly or jump up the mountain. […]

seo scam

15 SEO scam by Nigerian Agencies you must not fall into (Avoid them)

There are hundreds of SEO and digital marketing specialized companies in Nigeria to choose from when you making the choice of which agency to work with. In-fact, Nigeria SEO agencies can count themselves among the best on the continent but you should beware of SEO scam. Even with all the amazing story you might hear, […]

10 actionable tips for building a successful website

Websites are some of the easiest platforms to build your brand. Not only do you have total control over it more than any other marketing platform, In this article, you will learn about 10 actionable tips that will help you build a successful website or improve an existing website. Tips Awesome Domain name: the first […]

seo ultimate guide

The Ultimate Guide to Search Engine Optimization in 2020

The internet has changed the way we live our life. The most important thing we do on the internet these days is search. Search is the gateway to everything we do online. Your customers and partners are busy searching online for businesses like yours and also expecting you to show them the way through the […]

nonprofit blog post header swicdigital

21 Features Your NonProfit Website must have in 2020 and how to use them

A Nonprofit website shares a lot of similarities with a conventional business website. The website needs to be easy to navigate, have awesome fonts, be attractive to visitors with a clear call to action that stimulates the user to take necessary action on the website. In this article, I have written a list of the […]

Image of swicdigital showing the Top payment gateway in Nigeria

Top Payment Gateways for website in Nigeria 2020(top 5)

The difference between a bad and a good e-commerce store in simplicity and efficiency. Hence the reason online retailers and merchants are turning to online payment gateways and processors to make their payment seamless, fast, simple, secure, convenient and affordable payment. If you are reading this article, there is a high chance you want to […]


Top 10 web Design agencies in Nigeria [with website links]

Website design is a must for any business or start-up that wishes to grow beyond bonds in Nigeria. Businesses need creative agencies to solve their web design problem, including issues with branding, digital marketing and more. In this article. we’ve listed the top 10 creative / web design agencies in Nigeria. We selected them based […]

Image showing traffic progression for a website

How to get traffic for a new website in 2020

Traffic generation is one thing new website struggle a lot with. Though money makes it very easy since you can just pop an ad and traffic start coming it. But, what happens when you don’t have so much money for ads or backlink payment. In this article, we are going to explore some ways you […]

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