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Free & Easy Ways to Enhance Your Digital Marketing in 2021

Effective digital marketing is the core of any web-based business. More and more brick and mortar establishments are also discovering how much of an asset digital marketing can be in addition to more traditional marketing methods. 

There are many free and easy ways that you can enhance your business’ digital marketing and make it more effective. Here are some things you can try:

Update Your Logo:

Logos should be simple and eye catching. If your logo is too busy it won’t be as easily understood and therefore not as memorable. You want bright or contrasting colors so that your design will be eye catching.

Remember that your logo should reflect your business’ overall branding strategy. To create an updated logo, try logocreator a free logo creation tool. 

Give Your Images and Graphics a Facelift:

Better images increase sales. You should make sure that your products are shown in the very best light possible. Either hire a professional photographer or spend some serious time staging your products and taking clear photos that will allow your customers to imagine owning the products themselves.

Free & Easy Ways to Enhance Your Digital Marketing in 2021

Customers need to have as clear of an idea about a product from your pictures as they would if they were to see it in person. 

You can supplement your images with free images from a site like pixel or you can enhance your overall graphics using tools on a site like Canva.

Having better images and graphics is not only more eye-catching, but it also makes your site feel more credible and professional.

We tools are a lot when it comes to digital Marketing, we have written a detailed article on our favorite digital marketing tools to boost your business here.

Create a Slogan:

Slogans are short and catchy. They are simple phrases or even just a word or two that will act as a trigger and keep your brand, products or services front of mind for consumers.

Simple and easy to remember is the way to go when creating a slogan. It should support and enhance your brand, not compete with it. Make sure your brand voice remains consistent in all of your marketing efforts. 

If you aren’t the creative type or marketing just isn’t your thing, you might want to consider hiring a professional to help you with this. 

Start a Promotion:

There are lots of ways you can start a promotion. You can simply have a sale. You could also get creative and have a promotion that is aimed at bringing in new customers.

You can give discounts or a free product or service to loyal customers who refer others. You can reward brand loyalty by giving a free product for every 5, 10, or 15 products purchased. 

These kinds of promotions are common and pretty easy to run. They almost always generate sales and they certainly help create brand awareness and brand loyalty. 

Final Thoughts on Digital Marketing

One of the most important aspects of marketing, be it digital or otherwise, is that you get your brand in front of as many eyes as possible. However, you also want those to be the right eyes.

Anytime you can use customer referrals, you will have a better chance at converting sales because people tend to be friends with people similar to themselves.

This means the friend of your customers are likely to be similar in demographic to your existing customers and likely to match up well with your customer persona. 

Also make sure that you are remaining as consistent with your brand message as possible.

If you are always changing, it will be very hard for consumers to commit your brand to memory and keep you front of mind when making purchasing decisions.

Final Thoughts

If you ever struggle with coming up with a digital strategy for your website, Go ahead and book a free consultation call with us here.

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Free & Easy Ways to Enhance Your Digital Marketing in 2021

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