Ten key things you should consider when hiring a web design company.

Ten key things you should consider when hiring a web design company

A website is a great company billboard both for existing and would-be customers, but there are things to consider before hiring a website design company to build one for you.

Making up your mind to build a website is one thing, while understanding you’ve gotten to that place where you know your company is ready to spend a fortune on one is a different thing entirely.

At Swicdigital, we always review potential clients user requirement document to see if we are a good fit for each other before taking on any project instead of taking on a project that will dent our reputation. We are always happy to refer to jobs that are not a good fit for us.

In this article, you will learn about the top 10 things to do before hiring a web design company to build your website or online store.

What’s your website design requirements?

Before you get started with approaching a web design agency, its good you specify your website design requirement.

you need to clearly outline your needs. The complexity of the website you need will have a big impact on the number of persons working on your project and also your budget.

If you are looking to design a brand new website or rebrand a previous one, list out the features you want to have on the website including landing pages, form integration, email service providers, customer management system, e-commerce, content formats, landing pages, geolocation and anything else that’s important to your business.

A web design agency will be able to handle your project better when you present then with a software requirement document that’s clear and concise.

What’s your budget

A lot of back and forth takes place when it comes to reaching an agreement with most web design agency on how much you intend to pay to accomplish everything in your software requirement document

Before hiring a web design agency, discuss with your team, research similar project cost and come up with a figure that fits your company’s budget. Doing this will save you a lot of time.

At Swicdigital, we have seen some companies take up to one month to come up with a budget, slowing down their company project timeline in the process. Present the web design company with your budget and requirement document, it’s almost a normal occurrence that they will select features from the doc you presented to them and tell you the cost.

Who’s going to manage the project (Authority)?

 Specifying who among your team will keep the communication going with the web design agency is very paramount if you want your web design project to succeed. Else, you will end up delegating too many results to everyone in your team.

From the onset, specify who will handle the entire project communication with the web design team. Ensure the person chosen can make key decisions or can reach out to whoever makes the decision very fast to avoid your project getting stalled.

what’s your timeline?

A project without a timeline will go on and on forever. If you launching a new product, specify a timeline before hiring a web design agency. Let it be a fixed date instead of something unspecific like: ” we will launch in 4months”.

Having a timeline will ensure the web design agency can follow through on your software requirement document according to your launch plan and business goals.

Implications of the new website on your company?

Your website is a sales tool. Therefore, it should be able to contribute to your company’s overall goal and success. At the early planning stages, specify how having a website will affect your business goals.

Also, specify what exactly you want to use your website for. Some examples include:

  • Growing your mailing list.
  • Generate leads.
  • Sell more products.
  • Educate your customers through inbound.
  • Understand user interaction and interest.
  • Discover new customer persona.
  • Market Research and data gathering.

The above and more are some reasons to build a website.

As you think about the implications, do remember to do so in clear cut numbers.

The consequences of not having the website on your business goals

If having a website will have not affect on your company’s bottom line then, there isn’t any need having one.

Does not having a new website or not revamping the old one means you will not be able to close some good deals or reach out to a very important section of your customer base?

Running through the consequence of not having a website with your team will give you the ability to predict how your website project currently aligns with your business goals and plans. It’s always important to think about the effect of not embarking on a web design project will have on your company before hiring a web design agency.

The number of pages you want on your site.

The more pages on your website, the more expensive it will cost. Though, the number of pages isn’t the only way to determine the cost of a website, aligning your website pages with your business goal will ensure your pages aren’t just there to increase the numbers, but they are there because it’s very important to your customer.

Sketch the pages you want and the likely information you want to convey before hiring a web design Agency. some useful pages will include:

  • Home landing page
  • About page
  • contact page
  • service page
  • eCommerce/ online store page

whats your launch plan

Ask your team how you intend to launch your website or online store. Do you intend to build a complete project before launching or do you want to go ahead and launch while you add more features to the website?

In the startup community, it’s important to build minimum viable products within a few weeks instead of developing your website for months before launching a complete project. Launching based on milestone will enable you to test and improve along the way.

How are you going to get images and content?

Preparing your images and websites content beforehand ensure you don’t take a fire approach when your web design company ask for it. Source for relevant images and content for your website.

Beforehand, it’s important to let the web design company you are hiring know on time if they are going to be sourcing the images for you and curating the content. Doing this will ensure your project is executed according to schedule.

Here are a few ways to get pictures and images:

  • Take your pictures or hire a professional to get the quality shots you need,
  • Purchase stock photos from Shutterstock, iStock or similar services that sell images for commercial use,
  • Hire a designer to create custom illustrations for your website.

Images will tell your story as much as the words on your website. Make sure they look professional, compelling, and brand-specific to have the most impact.

How do you intend to communicate?

Communication is the backbone of every project. Think through the communication method you prefer before hiring a web design company. If you prefer face to face meeting or meetings over an internet app do specify.

You will be able to avoid communication gap and build a good relationship with the web design Agency handling your project.

We will be glad to work you through the entire process of preparing your company for a new web design project or revamping an old one. Book a quick call with us here.

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