Maintenance Packages

swicdigital-nigeria-web-design-Maintenance Packages

Package 1 - ₦10, 000 per month or ₦100,000 per year

Plugin and theme updates

With a website, there’s always something to bring up-to-date. We will  update your website’s theme and plugins to make sure your website keep up with recent versions.

Add new pages or blog post

Want to create landing pages for special events and promotions, we will handle everything for you including blog post

Speed optimization

Websites are not built on stone. Tons of ever changing factors affects your traffic daily. We’ll help you look at your website thoroughly and optimize for speed.

Improving user experience and interface

It can be annoying when you not getting the clicks you want because of a terrible user experience. We will help your change your call to actions, responsiveness, user flow colors and more? 

Banner and Graphic design

Want to change your website graphics, ecommerce store banners and spice up things a little bit, we are here for you. Our graphics designers are ready to provide you with next level design.

Fix 404, 500 etc. errors

Website pages can run wild at times, get missing or even point to the wrong URL. We will help you trace these pages and fix them for you.

Spam checking

It doesn’t matter who you are, every website is susceptible to spam messages and comments. These can be annoying, and it takes time to go through them all deleting them, or deciphering if they’re spam or not! We will perform regular spam audits and delete and approve your comments.

Backup websites & restore backups

We know things can get really messy at time and mistakes are bound to happen. That’s why we offer 24 hour backups of your website. If something goes wrong, your site can restored to exactly how it was 24hours before.

Virus scan

Remember those tiny creatures, they are still online too. We’ll ensure that your website if free of malware and viruses. This will protect your website and its visitors from potentially damaging viruses.

Package 2 - ₦20, 000 per month or ₦200,000 per year

Everything in package 1

Everything covered above is included within this package plus…

Everything in package 5 hours of website tweaks per month

We’ll spend 5 hours making website edits and tweaks to your site.

Monthly Rankings update

Each month we’ll send you a list of your highest ranking keywords so you can keep track of your SEO efforts.

One SEO optimized article

We will write an search engine optimized article with your chosen keyword and post it on your blog.

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