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Top Payment Gateways for website in Nigeria 2020(top 5)

The difference between a bad and a good e-commerce store in simplicity and efficiency. Hence the reason online retailers and merchants are turning to online payment gateways and processors to make their payment seamless, fast, simple, secure, convenient and affordable payment.

If you are reading this article, there is a high chance you want to know which payment gateway you should integrate with your online store.  In this article, we will highlight different payment gateways, the solution each provides and their pricing. 

Here’s our list:

  1. Paystack
  2. Vogue pay
  3. GTpay
  4. Interswitch
  5. eTranzact

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Paystack is among the simplest payment processing service to implement both on the landing page and e-commerce stores. With just the right information for both persons and businesses, it takes less than 30 minutes to get started using paystack.

Aside from payment processing, paystack offers other premium feature that’s helping businesses around the world perform better.

Why we use them

  • Hassle-free payment
  • Easy to use the documentation
  • An efficient fraud detection system
  • Detailed reporting for accounting, reconciliation and audits.
  • Integrates well with well used CMS platforms.


  • Set-up Fee: free
  • Local transaction: 1.5% + NGN100 (NGN100 fee is waved for transaction under NGN2500)
  • Local transaction fee is capped at NGN2500
  • International transaction: 3.9% + NGN100

Paystack is currently used by 40,000 businesses around the world.

Find out more about paystack here

Vogue Pay

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Vogue pay offers buyers and sellers a secure and easy to use means of transacting business online. This payment gateway empowers businesses to scale beyond their immediate environments to reach a global audience. With this gateway, you can sell wherever, whatever, Whenever all over the world.

Vogue pay offers you the possibilities of offering subscriptions, recurrent, donations and onetime payment both locally and internationally.

Why we use them

  • Process payment from all major currencies regardless of location
  • Provide multiple payment options including internet banking, wallet transfer, mobile payment, subscription billing and more.
  • Robust business intelligence & analytic tool to track income, revenue and profits
  • Developer friendly and easy implementation.
  • Multi-currency support    


  • Integration fee: Free
  • Merchant verification: NGN1500/NGN for both personal and business account.
  • Transaction fee: Naira cards 1.5%  and 1.5% + NGN30 for transaction above NGN2500
  • Withdrawal fee : 0.99% + NGN99

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Gtpay plugin seamlessly with existing websites customers and act as a bridge between the customer’s website and financial institutions. Aside from being easy, It’s stable and supports both international and local cards including Interswitch, visa and master cards.

Why we use GTpay

  • Real-time transaction tracking
  • Multi-currency processing
  • Global reach for merchants
  • The timely payout for merchants


  • Setup fee: NGN75,000
  • Local transaction: 1.5% of the transaction amount capped at NGN2000
  • International transaction: 3% of transaction amount
  • International gateway monthly charge: NGN500

Find out more here


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Flutterwave’s mission is to simplify payment for endless possibilities. With a dashboard that you can access from any browser, rave by Flutterwave enable your business to accept & monitor not just your business but also your customers.

The analytics feature provides great information about your customers, enabling you to focus on creating market-specific products. With Rave, you can choose to integrate it with your website to power your checkout or simply generate payment links form your dashboard should you not have a website.

Why we use Rave

  • Simple and straight forward documentation
  • Global payment possibilities
  • Rich customer data
  • Multi-tenancy support


  • Free setup
  • Local transaction 1.4%
  • International Transaction: 3.8%


  • Businesses receive their money the next day for local payment. International payments vary according to region. 
  • There are transaction limits but apply to different types of account.
  • By default, your customers bear the transaction charges, be rest assured you can alter it at any time.

Find out more about flutterwave here

Interswitch webpay

Top Payment Gateways for website in Nigeria 2020(top 5)

Interswitch webpay works well for small and medium scale business that has no need for so much reporting. Webpay integrates directly with your websites enabling funds to be paid into your account with ease.  For each transaction, a detailed report is provided by Interswitch webpay.

Online merchants and e-commerce stores are not left out, they too can receive payment from cardholders through Interswitch webpay or webpay direct.

Why we use it

  • Interswitch is trusted and well known
  • Efficient fraud management system
  • Works well with e-commerce platforms
  • Global payment system


  • NGN150,000 one time setup fee
  • Transaction fee: 1.5% per transaction capped at NGN2000

Find out more about Interswitch here

At swicdigital we implement different payment gateway for our clients according to their business needs. With a payment gateway on your website or mobile app, you can receive payment, make payments, monitor payments, create invoice and do much more.

Let us help you integrate a payment solution for your business today.

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