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swicdigital easychop webdesign

Easychop food vendor and ordering web application

Easychop  provides a simple platform for site visitors to order tasty meals directly from  food vendors on their website and have it delivered directly to their doorstep. We handled the backend & front-end development for the vendor, admin and user’s web application. 

Swipay Fintech app landing page design

Swipay provides an easy way to manage money for students. Swipay needed a landing page and website that will represent its brand, commnunicate its offering and grow its mailing list. We are currently handling website and user experience design for  the company.  

swicdigital fintect app design
swicdigital workwage website design

Workwage payroll application website

workwages.co is an inspiring new payroll and work assignment tool that enable companies schedule salary payment.  Workwage needed a landing page and a website that will communicated her value offering and showcase different aspect of its new tool. We’re responsible for creating the landing page and developing the website. 

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