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How Much Do We Charge for a Website?

Web designers are usually terrible at giving CLEAR pricing information on their website. It’s like they have something to hide.

We’re different.

Yes, it’s true. The price of your website depends on a number of factors such as:

a) What you need on your new website
b) How much time it will take

BUT that doesn’t mean we can’t give you an idea of the cost.

Below we’ve listed the cost of our core package (which everybody gets) and then some additional extras that you can add if you wish for an additional fee.

Personal Brand Website

Perfect for solo business owners

From ₦100,000

Looking to grow your business and attract more of your ideal clients?

Get everything you need to make your mark online and drive more leads and sales!

Growing Business Website

Perfect for small businesses

From ₦250,000

Have a small team but big goals?
We can help. 

Maybe you’ve outgrown your website and need something that’s going to generate more traffic and more enquiries.

Elite Business Website

Perfect for larger businesses

From ₦500,000

Need a website to drive high quality leads on a regular basis?

Maybe your current site is not performing and you need some help.


It’s time to make a list of what you think you might need on your new website.
Grab a pen and make some notes.

A Bespoke Homepage

A bespoke homepage designed to WOW your visitors and keep them engaged for longer!

A Blog

Share your latest content. The user-friendly blog will be designed so your visitors can read your content easily and share it online.

An About Page

Tell your visitors about yourself and build up some trust and credibility with a bespoke about page.

A Contact Page

Convert more of your visitors into enquiries with a conversion friendly contact page.

Service Pages

Showcase all your key services and tell everyone how they can work with you.

Email Sign Up Forms

Want to collect email subscribers on your website? We can integrate your favourite email marketing tool.

Extra features

These are a few of the added extras you have on you website. These are just an example, you can pretty much have what you like!

Landing Pages

Want to promote a special offer of free give-away? We can create a bespoke landing page to increase conversions and drive more sales.

Learning Centre

More and more business owners are asking us to design and build them a learning centre – a place to house all their content that’s easily accessible to the end-user.

An Online Shop

Selling physical products such as books or digital products such as a video course? We can design and build you a fully bespoke online shop.

Portfolio of Work

You want to showcase your work in the best possible way. We can design and build a beautiful online portfolio.

Website Content

Excited to get your website live but don’t want to write all that content? We can write engaging, user-friendly copy that appeals to your ideal customer.

Case Study System

You get amazing results for your clients and you want to wow them with your case studies. We’ll create you beautiful, conversion-focused case study pages.

Advanced CMS Features

Need custom built WordPress features? No problem, these can be created based around your needs. E.g. custom reports, customer login area etc

Booking System

Want to take bookings on your website? Maybe you’re running an event or take appointment bookings. No problem, we’ll take care of it.

Coaching and Consulting

Once your website is live you may want further training on how to maximize your traffic and increase conversions. We can set up a plan that suits you.

Can’t see what you want above? No problem

We’ve built all kinds of crazy stuff before now, just tell us what you want and we’ll make it happen!


It’s true, we are more expensive than a lot of web designers but we believe our process gets results. If you need your website to deliver more customers then it has to be good enough.

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Yep. We’ve been asked why we’re so expensive, but we’ve also been asked why we’re so cheap.

Compared to some larger agencies we’re pretty cheap. We have a small team and don’t rent a silly office in the city with bean bag chairs and coffee machines. We like to keep costs low so you don’t have to pay more. We’re nice like that.

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‘Wait, haven’t you just increased your prices?’

Sorry about Naira

Why yes, we have.

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We offer a support package with every website. This includes an SSL certificate, hosting, 24 hour backups etc.

This is ₦5000 per month on Average depending on your plan.

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Maybe not. We generally work with established businesses who want to take their existing website from “OK” to AMAZING.

If you’re a new businesses it doesn’t mean we don’t want to work with you, but spending thousands on a website might not be good for your business.

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We usually split the payment into 3. We take 50% before getting started. 25% 8 weeks after the first payment and the 25% on completion (or after 6 months, if it takes that long) For more info, scroll down a bit. We explained it better 🙂

Compared to some larger agencies we’re pretty cheap. We have a small team and don’t rent a silly office in the city with bean bag chairs and coffee machines. We like to keep costs low so you don’t have to pay more. We’re nice like that.

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We give you full access to edit your site yourself, and give you training videos on how to use it. It’s something we actively encourage (no charging you a fortune for tiny updates).

But we do have a plan for those who need further support which starts at ₦20,000 per month.

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This is the payment plan that we set up for most of the websites we build.
This may alter slightly depending on how big the project is.

We usually split the payment into three like this…



We take 50% of the total payment upfront before we begin the project

4 weeks


We take 25% of the total payment 8 weeks after the first payment



We take 25% on completion or after 6 months. Whichever is sooner


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