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15 SEO scam by Nigerian Agencies you must not fall into (Avoid them)

There are hundreds of SEO and digital marketing specialized companies in Nigeria to choose from when you making the choice of which agency to work with. In-fact, Nigeria SEO agencies can count themselves among the best on the continent but you should beware of SEO scam.

Even with all the amazing story you might hear, there are some common SEO scams in the Nigeria SEO community that you must know and avoid at all cost.

15 SEO scam by Nigerian Agencies you must not fall into (Avoid them)

Knowing them will empower you to make educated guesses while choosing an SEO company for your business, non-profit, school, startup and other businesses. 

Choosing your preferred SEO partner wisely will make sure you do not learn the hard way and waste lots of money.  

Let me show you this SEO company scams and how to avoid them.


We will submit your site to thousands of search engines.

Plain and simple, search engine optimization is the process of making revisions on and off your website in other to gain more exposure in search engine results.

In the heart of it, all search engines are just trying to find and understand all the content on the internet and quickly deliver relevant and authoritative result based on the phrase a user is looking for.

Majority of the work done by an SEO agency is helping you gain relevance and authority for the right keywords, so search engines can index your website and not submit your site all over the place.

Search engines like google have a very complex program called spiders, whose job is to crawl everything new on the internet and add it to their various index. Once your website has been crawled, it’s automatically added to the list of google pages.

See, you should never pay someone who says “I am going to help you submit your site to search engines” instead, pay someone with a very definite SEO strategy that’s tailored to your business.


We guarantee you the first page in 48 hours

According to a backlinco research, Search engine results are determined by more than 200 different factors. These factors are very difficult to predict or influence within a short period.

Here’s how a typical message from a scammer will look like:

Do you want more people to visit your website? Get tons of keyword targeted visitors directly to your site. Boost your profits quick. Start seeing results in as little as 48 hours. visit this site for more info

SEO scammer

No SEO expert or company in Nigeria can guarantee the first-page result within 48hours. They can only give a holistic estimate of how long it will take your site to gain relevance plus authority while making predictions based on previous experience, domain knowledge and analytics.

Making your site appear on search engine result pages takes lots of hard work, time and patients. Although we just cannot place our finger completely on when and how our site will rank, continuous evaluation and improvement will ensure your site shows up on search results.

Instead, as a new business, using these small business marketing ideas will transform your business better, cheaper and faster than what is obtainable from SEO scammers.


We will offer you an SEO trail

During the late 90s, it was easy to predict search engine result pages based on the number of links you can make a point back to a website. Some agencies will still run a link blast for a fee.

Jump to 2020 everything about search engine ranking factor is now more complex than ever. Link blast no longer gets you PageRank, instead, it gets your site penalized by the search engine.

No competent agency will offer to work on your business by offering you’re a trail package or bundle. This wouldn’t fly because of how unpredictable search engines could be.

When these agencies succeed in selling such packages to you, you end up with:

  • Temporary results.
  • Unqualified leads
  • Blacklisted websites.

It’s back to square one for you. Avoid this SEO scam at all cost.


We don’t send reports, we do things behind the scene.

This is just a total SEO marketing scam that you shouldn’t believe irrespective of how it’s said. Analytics and measurement is the best approach if you want to know how effective an SEO strategy is.

One of the biggest challenges of any SEO process is figuring out if it’s succeeding or failing. SEO measurement does not involve only the analytics of basic metrics like traffic resulting from organic search and specific keyword but requires a holistic approach to measuring business success based on the planned outcome.

The first thing an agency will do on your website after an audit is installing analytics tool like google analytics, kissmetrics, hotjar etc. And set them up to report the right goals and business outcome

When an agency tells you everything sweet about SEO without a specific plan to track and measure its progress. Collect your money back, wave them goodbye and never look back because you are about to get scammed.

You will be able to avoid these gimmicks when you understand SEO is both trackable and measurable. There are tons of free tools out there.


we will increase your PageRank and you start converting

Getting a high google page rank is not automatic. It takes time and effort to make sure your site keeps providing relevant contents and acquires link from other quality sites.

It is worth noting the SEO of your website is largely dependent upon how easily and fast your potential customers can find your website through search engine result query.

High page rank will surely lead to better conversion as search results will put your page higher on its list. This means it takes time, care and effort to achieving google PageRank.

As with any other SEO process, fixing your PageRank requires a definite strategy to get your website noticed by others.  Unless the SEO agency tells you they are taking time to help you create a website that visitors can easily find what they are looking for through information and convenient structure, please do not bother doing business with them.


We use a secret SEO strategy we don’t tell our clients

 Creating a strategy is always a back and forth conversation with both parties. This case between the agency and you. Without your input, every attempt to create an SEO strategy for you will fail because you know about your business goal more than anyone.

Among these strategies will include on-page SEO strategy, Off-page SEO strategy, Technical SEO strategy, content strategy and even much more.

A credible agency is always open and willing to let you know what’s happening every step of the way. Do not do business with an agency that wants to do everything behind closed doors.

For instance, a content strategy will include:

  • List of topics related to your website
  • Long-tail keywords based on these topics
  • Topic page setup plan
  • A Blog setup plan
  • Blog post schedule
  • Link building plan
  • A plan for measuring and tracking content success.


Technical SEO is the only strategy you need.

SEO agencies use this term a lot because it sounds techie. Terms associated with this type of SEO has a lot of technicality in it, clients are easily deceived.

In plain terms, this type of SEO focuses on how a website is built. Answering questions like did the developer follow best practice, is the code clean, is the site structure flat or just one messy dump moving all over the place?

At the most basic level, Google and other search engines need to be able to find, crawl, render and index pages on your website. But fixing technical problems only isn’t all you need to sort out your site’s problems of not showing up on search engines.

Technical SEO is just one part of it, a website agency needs to care about link building, page optimization and much more.


Our SEO price is $99.99 for every service.

Do understand that for your approach to thrive, you need a comprehensive SEO strategy. Not some pay once and do everything strategy proposed by some agencies.

In the past, it was possible to build rapidly through bad practices of buying and selling links. This was because google relied on the number of backlinks pointing to a site to increase its page rank.

Since the last Google update, everything has changed. Google now relies on content and tons of other factors to rank your website.

 According to a recent study done by MOZ, an average SEO expert charges between $80 to $130 per hour while a monthly retainer lies between $750 and $1,500 per month. Always have it in mind, SEO isn’t cheap. It takes a lot of hard work to fix your website.


We know someone at Google, Bing, and yahoo that will fix your SEO and put your site in the first position.

It’s laughable when agencies say they have an in-house person that will fix your website and make it rank number 1. Do not fall for these claims. Google staffs do not know completely the entire site ranking factor.

The PageRank algorithm is a propriety asset owned by Google itself. Allowing everyone to know about it will be very detrimental to the entire company.

Insider knowledge for an SEO professional will be based on ongoing experimentation and learning. To get firsthand knowledge of what an agency can do, ask them for a lit audit.

A simple audit will show you the experience level of an SEO agency or expert.


we can predict the google search algorithm.

Google’s algorithms are a complex system used to retrieve data from its search index and instantly deliver the best possible results for a query. In its early years, google only made a handful of updates to its algorithm. Now, it makes thousands of changes each year.

These changes are announced via social media a lot of times by google search lead Danny Sullivan. A total of eleven (11) major update have been made so far.

Because of how unpredictable these releases are, it’s very difficult to guess. Besides, we could only tell the present state of things and not the future itself.

The closest an agency can learn about an algorithm is release notes from google and documentation from its own experience. No agency can predict google next change to its google’s algorithm.


we guarantee the first position for your site within the first week

We at swicdigital cannot guarantee you first position within one week and no other agency should be able to do the same. SEO is an ongoing process whose result could take up to six months.

seo graph showing page rank

See it this way, sites who are above you didn’t get there within one week. Meaning no agency should tell you your website will get in SERPs first position within one week of implementing its perfect SEO strategy.

The best way to move your site forward is, to begin with, an audit which will show you what to fix on your website. A tool like Google keyword planner and SEMRUSH can do this perfectly. These online tools will give you a detailed breakdown of what you need to do.

In summary, one week is too short to get your website in the first position. Paid ads might be what you need.


1000 backlinks for $79 only and nothing more.

In the world of SEO, buying backlink is a crime against search engines. The result of using blackhat technique is worse than any good they must have told you.

Purchasing link could get you banned by search engines, move your site into google sandbox meaning, google will never index your website again.

Think of a link to your website as a vote of confidence. The internet is like a weighted democracy where some links are more powerful than others. It’s not how many links your site have but how relevant they are to your business niche.

The Search engine is very aware of every trick out there. So make sure you don’t fall for any agency promising to buy your link. Remember, search engine optimization is not something you do for short term gains. It’s something you build upon day after day to build a long term value.


Unable to answer hard questions about SEO

Very important! Before using the service of any agency, ensure you have a conversation with them. Get clarity on every question you might have about their said speciality including the pros and cons.


Any company who tells you they are good with SEO should be able to answer both basic and advanced questions about the topics. Not being able to answer is a sign they are not well-grounded on the SEO subject.

Simply find some other agency that will comfortably answer your questions.


We have a special partnership with google vendors

Google vendors are specialized services providers that ensure easy access to Google services. Several of them do work directly with google while some others own products or set of services that complement already existing google service.

google search partners

A vendor hardly influences decisions at google.


Forgot organic reach, Paid advertising work 1000x more

Both SEO and PPC are very important to get found on the Google search result. An Agency’s approach should be based on your needs, market/industry and keyword difficulty.

With PPC you can start ranking immediately, it also takes some time to find the best-paid ads that work for your brand.

An agency should use both organic and paid ads in its internet marketing plan especially if your niche is very competitive.

If you ever fell into any of the above SEO scam formats, it’s not your fault. Perhaps you needed a company that will listen to you, walk you through a typical discovery process and come up with a strategy that’s made for you and you alone.

You can request a chat with us by clicking on our contact page from here.

Ps: Have you ever been scammed while trying to fix your website’s SEO?  Tell me about your ordeal dealing with SEO companies in Nigeria or perhaps in your city in the comment section.

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