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Our Typical SEO process at Swicdigital

The SEO process isn’t a sprint but a very long marathon.  It doesn’t end as fast as some people think. It never ends because there’s always something that needs fixing on and off your site.

We can compare our SEO process here at Swicdigital to mountain climbing. we cannot fly or jump up the mountain. We take it one step at a time until we reach the apex.

There isn’t any short cut around climbing a mountain except you want to end up have a very bad experience.

I have written articles before on a previous website expecting it to rank within a few weeks. When it never did, I got very tired and angry. Until I understood SEO requires a process, lots of patience and routine evaluation.

seo process development

We know SEO promises a lot of traffic, leads, clients, revenue and growth but, we cannot achieve all these benefits without a definite route.

That’s why we are sharing our SEO process with you.

Process 1


Before an in-depth site audit is performed to understand the health of your website’s current SEO ranking and how it can be improved, a pre-audit discovery session is required. The purpose of a discovery is to set the stage for an organized, useful and strategic audit.

Most often we ask a whole lot of questions during this phase. Such questions aren’t to unsettle you but point us in the right direction.

A standard kickoff question will include the following:

  • What makes you money? ( primary goal )
  • What’s the purpose of your site?
  • What are you trying to get your site users to do once they arrive on your site?
  • Who is your target audience?

For existing business owners with a website a typical SEO discovery session will include questions like:

  • What analytics tool do you use?
  • Are there any other domain or site that you own?
  • What SEO efforts have been done in the past and how has it affected your business?
  • List your top three online and offline competitors?
  • Is your business for locals or internationals?
  • Do you have social media accounts and what’s its current state?
  • What keywords are you looking to rank for?

All the above questions and more we will ask our clients depending on their business needs, target market and customer journey.

Process 2

Website Audit

The word Site audit is a very broad word with lots of complex meaning. In simple terms, it’s looking at everything on and off a website to see the current state of things. A lot of work goes into auditing a business website especially when it has thousands of pages.

There are different types of audit.

Technical audit

A technical audit looks at completely everything on your website that can impact your search engine optimization performance.

  • Index status
  • Crawl budget
  • Crawl errors
  • Internal links
  • Sitemaps
  • Site/page speed
  • Redirects
  • Broken links
  • Amp

We have written a detailed post on how to get started with Search engine optimization

Content audit

This makes sure all your site content are relevant to your target audience. It’s not all about curating content and dumping them on your blog.

Some content can bring tons of traffic to your site, but those web visitors don’t convert into paying clients. See, it’s not all about traffic-generating content but sales closing content.

During a content audit, we look at for content that does the following:

  • Meet the potential target audience search intent.
  • Straighten out existing thoughts.
  • Answer questions about your business and competitors.
  • Provide efficient information to visitors during their buying journey.

Knowing all these things, we will know whether to eliminate, rewrite or repurpose your content to get the biggest benefit.  You might see a drop in traffic, the goal is to eliminate non-relevant traffic.

Process 3

SEO Strategy development:

This is where we think of processes to improve.

Having finished auditing your website, we now understand what to improve on your website. 

We will make achievable action plans in line with your company or business goal. We are very milestone dependent as we an agile team of website designers, internet marketing and SEO specialist.

The biggest mistake we can ever make during an SEO process is to think that more traffic to your website equals more money. In the words of Roger Montti, traffic is only a means of solving the sales problem. Increasing earning should be the main focus.

PageRank is only a performance indicator.

Recently, we performed a complete SEO audit of a Nigerian based eCommerce store and was able to increase traffic by over 40 per cent simply by repositioning their category description, product details and keywords.

Except an SEO agency is a scam, they should come up with a good strategy to improve your sites SEO.

 During our SEO strategy development, we do the following:

  • Create specific keyword plans.
  • Find out Location demographics
  • Come up with Content development strategy including foundational content, FAQs, Authoritative content and user experience.
  • Evaluate landing page values.
  • Determine reporting tools.

The above development plan could change depending on your business needs and goals.

We choose to always add location demographics because much like personas, we need to help people make the right decision when they search for your product and services. we also perform keyword research.

Keyword research

Keyword research is incredibly useful during SEO process.

We need to know how people search for your company online, what they search for, and how the Search engine is serving those results.

Process 4

SEO Strategy Implementation:

This is our sweet spot. After all the hard work and research, it’s time to put everything in action.

We will not by implementing our SEO service strategy without your help. For our SEO strategy to work well, we will have to work with your team especially when we write your content.

We try to have to good knowledge of a lot of industries, we believe you understand your personas, target niche, local market more than us.  With your help, we will be able to work smoothly.

We always make sure there is a back and forth rapport between our team and yours.

During this stage, we implement all the plans we have come up with during our strategy development process.

Process 6


SEO is both measurable and trackable.

At the end of every milestone, we measure your primary, secondary and tertiary metrics.

We know your website is an extension of your ability to sell. So when we are reporting, we make sure to report according to the chief goal of your company.

For us, at Swicdigital we track a whole lot of goals. Here are a few:


  • How many completed transaction we make each month directly from the website?
  • The number of customers we upsell or cross-sell to each month?

Secondary goals (performance goals)

  • Number of inquiries from our website
  • Online chat
  • Subscribers
  • Downloads
  • Podcast subscribers.

Why we may not make money immediately, these goals have a huge chance of making us money down the road.

Tertiary goals (key performance indicators)

  • Rankings
  • Visits
  • Time on site
  • Pages viewed/visit
  • Bounce rate

We imagine our KPIs like a car dashboard that tells us how fast or slow we are heading towards our direction. In this case our primary goal.  

The main goal of recording all these goals is to understand how things are working together. We always try not to lose track of the main goal, which for us is selling our service to you.

There are tons of tools for evaluating a website. Here are a few we love to use:

Other tools come in handy depending on the client’s requirement.

We use all these tools to make a comprehensive report to our client. Also helps us understand how effective what we doing is.

With all these components put together, we can give you our client a rewarding SEO experience that’s based on strategy, evaluation and critical reporting.

To learn more about how we can help you set up, evaluate and fix your sites SEO, feel free to click on our contact link.

Now it’s your turn to talk.

How have you been handling SEO in your Company? Do you go through all of these processes?

Do let us know by leaving a comment below.

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