The Complete Digital Marketing tools to boost your small business

Digital marketing tools for small business

Using digital marketing tools will speed up your entire marketing process ensuring your success in a very competitive online niche.

Before reading further and making the most of these tools, let me shed some light on how to capitalize on your marketing efforts.

In marketing, there is one strategy that will always put you in a position to succeed, and that is, market your business to your best customers first, your best prospects second, and the rest of the world third.

Keeping this fundamental principle in mind will allow you to exploit and benefit from the most popular and highly-ranked digital marketing tools.

These tools will help your business succeed in the extremely competitive online world.

With that being said, let’s remember that digital marketing means marketing using digital channels and tools to drive the sale of your product or service online.

You can easily choose from a range of specialized areas of digital marketing like social media marketing, content marketing, affiliate marketing, email marketing, or search engine optimization, etc. to start generating business online.

The digital marketing tools revealed in this article are diverse enough to cater to all of these areas.

(Note: this article does NOT contain affiliate links and no company featured in this article paid Swicdigital to be endorsed.)

Without further ado, here we go!

Digital Marketing Tools for Market Research

Keyword Everywhere

Keyword Everywhere is a chrome and Mozilla firefox extension.  It allows both small and large businesses to gather search volume, cost per click and competitive data from some websites relevant to your business.

Keyword Everywhere is a no brainer digital marketing tool if you are looking to spend less time jumping from one website to another searching for keywords. This extension lets you find long-tail phrases with their accurate metrics.

Among these websites include Google, bing, youtube, solve, google trend, google keyword planner, amazon, answer the public and much more.

Though affordable, small business will have to pay starting from $10 depending on the number of keywords been searched daily.

Furthermore, Keyword Everywhere is an easy tool to find relevant names for your paid ebooks, pdfs, web pages, articles and other digital products.

Keyword surfer

Yet another chrome extension, keyword Surfer is a free alternative to Keyword Everywhere, though without cost per click and competition metrics, keyword surfer will allow you see the search volume for your query, similar keywords and related searches all based on geography.

While you may consider these details not enough, they are useful to get quick snapshot of the overall competitiveness around a particular query related to your business.

Keyword Planner

A good combination of keyword planner and keyword surfer will provide you with everything that keyword Everywhere offers.

You will find the keyword planner inside the google ads tool set. SEO practitioners and small business owners use it find search volume data.

It provides search volume data directly from google’s databases and allows you to streamline your query based on factors like demography, time range, interest, location and more

 Keyword planner also allows you to spy on your competitors for free.

Simply pop in your competitors web address and google will show you their various keywords including how easy or difficult to rank for them.


This tool is one of the biggest and most used when it comes to gathering market research data.

Its paid plan provides almost all the information required to perform a complete SEO audit of yourself and your competitors.

Startups and businesses use it to steal and analyze information about their competitors.

It has an easy to use interface that has everything you need to get started in one place.

Although the free version works well for small businesses, if you upgrade to the SimilarWeb Pro, you get access to features including device distribution, audience info, traffic share from various social media networks and a furthermore granular details about your chosen niche.

Google Forms

Forms are the ultimate when it comes to collecting and analyzing user feedback during the customer research process. 

Google form is the best free tool available in the market.

It’s hard to resist google forms given that it offers survey logic, collaboration and data analysis all at no cost.

However, the platform is oversimplified when it comes to question types and customization.

It’s completely free for personal use. All you need to get started is a Gmail account which is also free as well.

Google Trends

We like to write for various clients and teach entrepreneurs to find refined keyword. That’s why we started using the google trend tool.

The first and most interesting thing about the tool is the fact that its free, you don’t have to pay anything for it.

Here’s how it works:

You write a keyword, Google Trend shows you have that particular keyword can be associated with other words which enhances your results. 

This tool shows you the stats of the keyword over a period of time.

The only cons I see here is the simple reporting dashboard and analytics. And also, you can only pull data from Google and not from other search engines like yahoo, bing and duckduckgo.

Google Trends is an ideal tool to use if you are launching a startup, developing a new campaign, or are just concerned about certain keywords and their potential effectiveness for your business.

Crazy Egg (find out what actually works online!)

Crazy Egg is the app that shows you valuable information about the visitors of your website.

The tool shows you the visitor’s interaction with each and every one of your web pages.

Using this digital tool, you can instantly adjust your precious online resources based on visitors’ needs and requirements, improve navigation, and enhance conversion rates.

Crazy Egg is one digital marketing tool that provides so much interesting information about your users and allows you to see what is working, what is not, and exactly where your visitors are coming to on your website.

It is important to create a consistent website design and Crazy Egg helps you accomplish this.

The tool also allows you a great platform to test out your new ideas!

Tools for WordPress


Theme are the major building blocks of WordPress. Why some are free, others are paid. The pricing depends on the features of the said theme and the company selling it to you.

But what makes a premium theme better than a free one? This question is always top of mind for bloggers, businesses owners and creatives using WordPress. Let me tell you:

  • Theme coding: companies spend countless hours coding and running quality assurance on their paid theme and with time keep on rolling out updates to make the theme compatible with the current version of WordPress.
    • Important support Themes from MyThemeShop comes with priority support, which makes using their relatively easy for non-coders. You can always reach out to their support staff to ask for help when you get stuck.
    • Theme SEO and Design: search engine optimization and design plays a big role in attracting visitors to your website. If your website isn’t coded properly, you might encounter penalty from major search engines. Using a premium theme will make sure your theme is responsive and SEO friendly.

With all these benefits, pricing of MyThemeShop themes starts from $27 or you get a one-year membership for $87 first initial fee and $9 per month afterwards.

Schema WordPress plugin

Schema markup provides additional content information to search engines, which helps them better understand your content when crawling your website.

Better content optimization leads to improved search visibility.

Through the schema WordPress plugin, you increase the chances of your content getting displayed as rich results on google.

These results get a lot of clicks and they are free too.

To get started with Schema, optimize your basic company information or your product information if you run an eCommerce website.


Coming up with a domain name yourself is a lot of headache as majority of the names you will come up with have been taking.

Namevine instantly help you find a suitable domain name.

All you have to is include a keyword that’s related to your business niche.

Furthermore, this tool also dive deep to tell you if the social media handles are still available and present you with an easy way to get web hosting discount from major domain name registrar


If you are just getting started with web hosting and looking for that perfect plan that fits a tight budget, Namecheap is all you need.

This hosting provider has average website uptime of 99.96% which is good for such an affordable price offering.

Their starter plan starts from $1.44 /month in the first year and only increases slightly after that plus they have good customer support to help you with any issues that might come up along the way.


Monsterinsights has a single goal in mind: to make analytics easy for beginners.

Google analytics is a powerful tool with lots of valuable insights but it can be completely overwhelming.

If you are not an analytics expert, it will be very confusing getting started with google analytics or knowing how to use the data to help your business.

This WordPress plugin makes it easy for you to setup google analytics.

In just a few clicks, you will connect your website with google analytics without having to touch a single line of code.

Also, it allows you enable dozens of analytics tracking features on your website that you will not be able to setup on google analytics if you are not an expert.

Some Other tracking features you can enable on Monsterinsitghts include:

  • Ecommerce tracking
    • Ads tracking
    • File download tracking
    • Custom dimensions like tracking tags, searches, authors on your website.
    • Facebook instant article tracking
    • Forms tracking
    • Google optimize
    • GCPR compliance.

Tracking all these will enable you to make informed decisions that will improve your brand, conversion rate and above all profit.

Digital Tools for email marketing


One of the most advanced email service provider out there and often the first that comes to mind when picking a newsletter tool. Mailchimp claims users send an average of 10,800 emails every second using their platform.

They offer a free plan with which you can send up to 10,000 mail to 2,000 subscribers every month. This works well for starters and small businesses.

Also, you can use it as a complete Customer relationship management system. They also have a pay as you go model for low volume client.

As your subscriber’s increases, it makes sense to consider your return on investment and the cost of subscribing to mail chimp. Some of Mailchimp Pros include:

  • Thorough reporting (Basically everything you need to know about a client or prospect)
    • Generous freemium plan
    • Easy template editor

We advice you use mail chimp if:

  • Integrations are important to you: it integrates well with zapier, WordPress and tons of other web tools.
    • You need an all-in-one solution for inbound campaigns and CRM: you can use MailChimp to capture leads, build landing pages, run automated campaigns and manage your customer database.


This standalone email marketing tool doesn’t have all the complications and expensive pricing of MailChimp.

It’s very easy to use, straight to point and to top it all, It comes with a life time fee of $49.

Furthermore, you enjoy complete automation of your email based on conditions you choose.

Though good for sending mails, creating landing page with it is a terrible choice. Especially if you intend to build customer funnels.  

Overall, you will enjoy same premium service at a very affordable price.


Send unlimited emails to 10k contacts for only $10. That’s what Elasticmail offers you and its that simple.

Here’s some reason to fall in love with elastic mail:

  • Easy to use and learn
  • Warmed up IPS
  • Quick support
  • Great


A free open source email marketing automation system that anyone and everyone can use for sending thousands of mails daily as well as use as a CRM without spending a single cent to anyone.

Setting up Mautic is not so straight forward. Its more than installing it on your Cpanel or any other hosting platform.  

It’s pretty complex to set up on your own without the right people in place. However, if you are able to do it, it saves you so much cost down the road.

One major requirement for using Mautic is high server performance, because you always running cron jobs to send emails from your hosting platform.

However, it handles integration with WordPress, data collection, email automation and email segmentation perfectly well.

Digital Marketing Tools for SEO


Know your competitors to capture their market share!

One way to make money online via digital marketing is to capture the market share of your competitors. The competitive market is one of the most critical concerns when launching a business.

 The tools offered by Ahrefs provides an opportunity to analyze your competitors in the most comprehensive and precise way. This tool lets you know the source of your

competitors’ traffic, data about their ranking keywords, content features, backlinks, and a ton of other meaningful information to help you build your digital marketing strategy for success.

Leverage this data to have an accurate reference point for your digital marketing approach and use Ahrefs to find holes in your competitors’ strategies.


“Know the Hottest Stu Happening Around Your Business!”

Buzzsumo is the digital marketing tool that analyzes the most popular or most shared content around any specific topic.

The tool lets you explore the content in the niche you are interested in and shows you information about the theme, author, domain, etc.

 BuzzSumo also helps in evaluating your competitors’ social activities.

Once you know your niche and target audience, you can develop the perfect content for your niche and audience using this tool.

In doing so you can eventually generate higher engagement rates for your content and more frequent users’ feedback over social networks.

Google analytics

“Understand your visitors for Free”

Google owns a large chunk of the internet and collects tons of data daily. Google analytics helps you understand your website visitors in a comprehensive way.

Setup properly, it arms you with a whole array of information that will help you make informed decision in the future.

Also, you are able to improve your search engine optimization a great deal because, you know what’s working and what’s not. This tool even goes as far as helping you analyze your website visitors real time.

However, you are required to learn how to work your way around the tool.

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

What’s on your mind when designing your products or services, content titles, or campaign slogans? Of course, what should be on your mind is attracting customers to buy your product or service.

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer is the tool that lets you create more engaging, interesting, and persuasive headlines that instantly grab your readers’ eyes and push them to click for more details.

 If you use this tool and learn how to perform keyword research then you will start writing better ranking articles in no time.

The CoSchedule Headline Analyzer is a great tool to create the most effective headlines for any type of promotion you are doing for your business.

The more interesting and relevant your headlines are; the more traffic you can expect.

To move that line of thinking further, the more online visitors you get, the more opportunities you will have to turn website visitors into paying customers.

Digital Marketing Tools for Social media

Buffer (“Social Media Marketing in One, Easy-to-Use Dashboard!”)

To make money online, running different social media accounts is one of the most effective strategies because you are able to promote your products, services, or information on a consistent basis.

But, isn’t it overwhelming and difficult to manage different social media accounts all at once? Not anymore, as with Buffer, you can easily manage your posts for various social media platforms from a centralized, single dashboard.

With all your social media centralized in a single location, you also obtain consolidated analytics on what is working with your social media marketing campaigns.

Knowing these analytics allows you to instantly know how your content is coming along across the different platforms that you connect to Buffer.

You can also know which kinds of posts are doing well and which are not to revolutionize your digital marketing strategy.


HubSpot is an inbound marketing and sales tool that helps your business grow and expand into exactly what you have always dreamed of it being.

It offers a host of marketing, sales, and customer solutions and also works as a Customer Relationship Management system at its core. Infact, its one of the most complete digital marketing tool for medium sized businesses.

HubSpot includes tools that will help your company generate leads and popular features like email tracking, meeting scheduling, and email automation to help you or your sales team drive new business for your company.

This complete tool offers a free CRM system to start and is something that every person that is serious about building their business should use!


Design easily without hesitation. Canva is one of the easiest tool you can use to create premium graphic design for social media.

As a small business, its expensive to pay a designer continuously but with Canva, you will be able to get your hands dirty using already made template that covers almost every type of design you can dream off.

As you go ahead using these tool, you may have to make purchase as you go depending on the nature of your design, bulk of the tools is free.

Canva enables you to create beautiful images, animations and short videos for your business.

Tools for paid ads

Facebook advertising

Who doesn’t know the worth of Facebook and the power of social media? The Facebook advertising tool provides you with the best way to create Facebook ads to reach your customers online.

Even the most basic levels of Facebook advertising help you raise your audience’s awareness level about your products and start communication with your prospects about how your business can help them.

With the Facebook Advertising tool, you can develop your digital advertising strategy on Facebook, which eventually helps you reach millions of your target customers and create an amazing flow of inbound traffic and business to your company.


Using these premium digital marketing tools is beneficial for one more BIG reason; most of these tools are FREE of cost to you or your business, especially if you are just starting out.

Sign-up for a free trial or use the tools for a month and see whether or not you like them and find them valuable.

The digital marketing space moves at such a quick pace that you must utilize amazing tools and software to make sure your performance and competitiveness is up to par.

If you apply these digital marketing tools as they are intended to be used, they can do wonders for your business and increase the chances that your business will make money online and continue to grow exponentially.

Most of these tools are used by Swicdigital and have helped us to dramatically increase our prospective customers and drive our business growth online.

Please share those tools with other business owners and leave your questions as comments below.

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