Tips key to hiring a web design company

10 key tips for hiring a web design company in Benin city

Hiring a web design company for your website design project is one of the most important decisions you will ever make for your company. Its important you take your time to select wisely because a lot of time, energy, and money goes into developing a website.

While the only guaranteed way to know if a web design company is worth it is actually working with them, there are a few measures to take when evaluating and engaging a web design agency that will set you up for success.

According to Marcus Sheridan, a company’s website is the key to their entire business in this information age. Hence why you should consider these eight(8) tips for hiring the best web design and branding companies in Benin city.

1. Is all the work done in the company or does the web design company outsource?

The last thing you want to happen to your project is it falling apart because of some deficiency from your web design company partner agency. Don’t hesitate to ask if the web design company perform all her job in a house or outsource some of them.

Including photoshop design, coding, CMS integration, marketing, and more. It’s your money, you deserve to know who is working on your project. An all in house team working on your project will result in better communication, collaboration, timeliness, and delivery.

At Swicdigital, all aspect of our design is done in house by our team. Except for our legal processes, every other important part of the project is done by our team members.
If the company is outsourcing, discuss with them about their communication strategy. Understand how they intend to bridge the communication gap before you move forward with them.

2. What’s their web design process like?

It’s important to understand how a company web design process looks like. At Swicdigital, we follow the growth-driven web design process which enables us to build fast, learn, iterate, and give our clients customer persona first place in everything.
Furthermore, knowing a companies design process allows you to manage your expectations as it relates to key performance index, milestones, revisions, budget, and implications.

3. whats their pricing and payment method?

To avoid legal issues, it’s important to go with a web design agency in Benin city that suits your budget. After the discovery call with a potential design company, its important you ask the cost of doing the kind of job you have requested.

Ask them to send you material or jump on a call with them so you better understand their pricing including the terms of payment. We have written a very detailed article about our pricing here so you understand our payment process and pricing a lot better.

4. How does it approach search engine optimization(SEO)?

Just like it’s important to have a beautifully designed website, its also important for that site to show up on various search engines like google, bing, yahoo, etc during relevant keyword searches. Besides, what’s the use of a good website if your prospect can’t find it during their searches.

In addition to other things, your website title tags, image alt, meta description, and code all affect search engine optimization. There are tons of paid and unpaid tools like (semrush, google analytics, google trends, serpchecker, spyfu, ubersuggest) that web design companies can leverage to improve your site SEO, so it’s important to have a deep conversation with them to know what’s in their arsenal.

5. Do they provide a warranty on their work?

It’s good to know beforehand if there is going to be any form of warranty if the site doesn’t work as planned and a guarantee the site is going to work just as intended.

Also, ask if they are going to be responsible for maintenance for a specific period of time after launch, else you might end up paying for every bug fix as a separate contract. such amount can become very huge as time passes.
Swicdigital offers two months warranty plus free maintenance after launch.

6. How much experience do they have in content management systems?

A content management system like WordPress allows you to manage your website’s content without the need for coding. This is important because you are afforded the opportunity to control and continue to improve on your website post-launch.

Another useful thing with CMS is the ability to carry out minor bug fixes yourself, saving yourself lots of money along the line.

Ask the web design company what content management system they use, whether training is provided or not, and at what additional cost if any.

7. Do they provide aftercare or support post-launch and to what extent?

The tools for everything technology changes rapidly including the one for web design and internal business processes. The probability that your site isn’t going to require an update in the future is very slim. you will want to change a lot of things as you learn more about your customers in the future.

Whether you’ve found a typo in the content, accidentally broke something in the content management system, find yourself in need of back up, or wish to add something new to the site, you want to have a clear cut our plan in place.

Some companies offer a fixed price for Maintainance while others charge you based on the nature of the job requirement. At Swicdigital, we have two different website maintenance package to choose from.

8. What’s their experience with third-party integration?

These days, almost all platforms rely on each other to function very well in the market place. companies use various tools to track customers, monitor sales, user interactions, and more.

Always ask yourself, is your web design company fluent in the use of tools that can transform a website into a powerful sales tool. A good web design agency will be able to handle e-mail integrations like Mailchimp, constant contact, getresponse, drip, etc.

Customer management systems like HubSpot, Salesforce, Monday, etc. you want to find out also how they handle social media integration like Facebook, twitter, youtube, and linkedIn.

9. How accessible is the web design company

The value of reaching a web design company over the phone is priceless, especially during a website breach or downtime. It’s good to know how the design company handles service issues including errors and bugs.

Do you have to submit a ticket, send a mail, or message a chatbot? it’s very important to understand a web design agency channel of communication before hiring one.

At Swicdigital, you can contact us by filling our contact form, sending direct mail, calling out phone lines, or a direct message on Whatsapp.

10. who owns the website when it’s completed?

This is very important. Always ask who owns the property once completed. Ask if you own 100% right of the graphics, content, code, and anything else used during the website development and third-party integrations.

Also, ask if you will be provided with all original files and passwords.

If you looking for a web design company in Benin city and Nigeria at large to handle your web design, eCommerce store design, SEO, and branding, Swicdigital will be glad to work with you.
Our web design process is growth-driven and customer-centered. Book a call with us to get started.

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