Top 10 website page builder for WordPress (including pros and cons)

Top 10 website page builder for WordPress (including pros and cons)

Through Website page builders, WordPress provides tons of different ways to create both simple and complex websites while launching super-fast. From using the inbuilt Gutenberg editor to the numerous free and premium builder available in various plugin market place.

Among other Web design tools, we use page builders with speed and accuracy at Swicdigital to launch websites for both launch and small corporations.

In this article you will learn about the top 10 website page builders for WordPress.

1 Elementor PRO

Currently used by more than 5million sites, elementor is the most popular page builder available on the market today.  Developers, business owners and online marketing easily use it to build a website in record time.

elementor pro page builder

Some of its features include Theme builder, popup builder, inline text editing, templates, blocks and widget.

Among other reasons, we use elementor website page builder because:

  • Its simple interface
  • Easy to learn and master
  • Very mobile friendly
  • Availability of complex add-ons for additional features.
  • Compatible with almost any WordPress theme and plugin
  • Comes with its own custom free theme
  • Sites built with Elementor easily load fast.
  • Very large community and good documentation on their website.

Although Elementor it super cool, it does come with its own cons. Here are a few we noticed:

  • It’s quite expensive  
  • Low options when it comes to templates and blocks library.
  • Continuous upgrades which course bugs sometimes.

2 Divi Builder

A theme from the home of the popular Divi Theme developers, it currently powers more than half a million websites in the World.

Divi-Builder page builder

While the Divi website page builder comes with every Divi theme you purchase, you can easily add it to any WordPress theme from the WordPress plugin store.

Also, another good thing I love about this builder is its theme. It comes with a very useful and beautiful theme.

Some of Divi Builder Main Features include:

  • Premade layout for common page types like blog, contact, portfolio and more
  • A/B testing for growth hacking
  • Ready to use design modules
  • Inline text editing and animations

Divi Website Page Builder pros

  • Easy to use user interface
  • Requires no coding skills
  • Works great with any WordPress theme
  • Very mobile friendly
  • Good customer support survices
  • Fair price
  • Abundant customization options

Divi Builder Cons

  • Slow speed
  • Unnecessary use of shortcodes
  • Lacks popup builder
  • Too much customization options

3 Thrive Architech

Thrive allows you to create simple landing pages without the need for a complex learning curve. All you have to do is drag and drop already built templates using your mouse.

Thrive-Architect page builder

Though we do not use it at Swicdigital, its features are great. Its something we believe any online business or website designer should explore.

Among its main features include:

  • Easy to use content boxes;
  • Premium landing page templates;
  • Call to action buttons
  • Mobile responsive editing for mobile customization
  • Very flexible layouts
  • Awesome drag and drop editing
  • Complex effects
  • Pre designed testimonials
  • Lead gen forms
  • Animations and icons
  • Pricing tables, pop ups and more.

Just like elementor website page builder, Thrive does have its Pros and cons.

Here’s a few pros:

  • No design skills are required. Anyone could use it;
  • Frequent updates from the development team at thrive;  
  • You don’t need to have any coding knowledge;
  • Very Advanced Features for marketing.


  • High learning curve. Not easy to use for beginners.
  • No 3-rd party plugin support
  • A very passive community unlike elementor
  • Very limited theme builder features.

4 Beaver Builder

With more than 1 million websites already using beaver builder and its numbers constantly growing, Beaver provides DIY developers and agencies with the ability to create a complex website very fast.

Beaver-Builder page builder

With beaver, it only takes you a few drags and drops to create a responsive website with WordPress.

Beaver Builder Main Features.

  • Front end page editor similar to the other above
  • Tons of templates to choose from
  • Lots of backgrounds, shadows, gradients and pre-made layouts to choose from.
  • Ready to use modules with content
  • Multisite
  • Abundant widgets

Some Beaver Builder Pros

  • Allows you create search engine optimized website
  • Mobile friendly
  • Good support service
  • Very Easy to use
  • Works with any WordPress theme
  • No coding skill required.

Beaver Builder cons

  • Price is quite high
  • Forms can be hard to set up
  • 3-rd party add-ons requires additional purchase.

5 Oxygen Builder

If you are looking for simplicity, flexibility and power, then Oxygen is your goto website page builder. It offers an easy way to create websites with WordPress.

Oxygen-Builder page builders

If you are someone who is given to visual creativity, then this plugin is for you.

Oxygen Builder Main Features

  • A library with everything you need to design your website
  • Tons of color options
  • Drag and drop editing
  • Comes with an easy to use header builder.


  • Its very developer friendly.
  • One of the few website page builders that offer 60days money back guarantee.
  • Very frequent update
  • Great support
  • Easily create pop ups plus advanced functionality


  • Steep learning curve
  • Difficult to get your data back after switching to another builder
  • Not compatible with all plugins
  • Not very friendly with other builders.

6 WPBakery Page builder

Formerly called visual composer, WPBakery page builder is for anyone who wants a more flexible and powerful front end, visual editor, without the need for coding.  


Know what’s a plus, you can create complex layout using a drag and drop editor both from the front and back end of your site.

WPBakery page builder main features

  • CSS Animation Add-on ;
  • Ready to use template manager;
  • Easily create tables with drag and drop interface;
  • Create and manage responsive forms on the fly;
  • Advanced grids and unlimited page layouts
  • Tons of ready content elements.
  • Parallax effects and image filters.

WPBakery Page Builder Pros

  • Mobile responsive design
  • User and mobile friendly
  • Compatible with any WordPress theme
  • Good online support theme
  • No coding or programming knowledge required

WPBakery Page Builder Cons

  • Quite expensive afford
  • Pages are built based on WPBakery short  codes, uninstalling it will result to a big mess
  • Some content cannot be edited.

7 WP page Builder


WP page builder is one the best Free website page builder available on WordPress that both beginners and experienced developers can use to create websites with amazing features and design options.

WP Page Builders Main Features

  • Easily build page live;
  • Reusable custom blocks;
  • Lots of add-ons;
  • Pre-designed templates;
  • Front-end website builders;
  • Shape dividers and resizable columns;

WP Page Builder Pros

  • Pages are mobile friendly
  • Pages are search engine optimized
  • No coding skills are required
  • No design skills required
  • Has an easy learning curve.

WP Page Builder cons

  • So much options to choose from
  • Might have performance issues
  • Real-time support isn’t so good

8. Motopress content Editor

Motopress content editor aims to give everyone the ability to start publishing more attractive articles and pages. It’s a full screen drag and drop, front-end page builder interface.


If you do not know how to code, MotoPress serve as an easy way to get started creating very creative content.

Motopress content editor main features.

  • Frontend editing
  • WordPress multisite compatible
  • Style builder
  • Predefined layout
  • Multilingual interface
  • Easily extendable
  • Premade themes
  • Woocommerce ready.

MotoPress Content Editor Pros

  • Perfect WYSIWYG experience;
  • Easy-to-use interface;
  • Fast-loading builder;
  • Works with all WordPress themes;
  • The builder’s functionality can be extended with free and premium add-ons.
  • There’s full support
  • No website dev skills required
  • One of the cheapest WordPress page editor


The default styling of the elements isn’t as refined, which means you will have to spend a while tuning up the typography and spacing/margins of blocks before things start looking great.

9 SiteOrigin Page Builder

A free plugin that has become very popular in recent times. SiteOrigin easily downloaded from the official WordPress repository) has been created to help you produce custom designs for your WordPress website content.

SiteOrigin page builder

From procreated pages to more attractive blog post, this editor upgrades the standard WordPress editor to expand your creative options.

SiteOrigin Page Builder Main Features

  • Live editing;
  • Easy-to-use interface;
  • Row and widget styles;
  • History browser.

SiteOrigin Page Builder Pros

  • The builder has all the necessary features for creating a website;
  • The builder is constantly updated and improved;
  • The builder is available in 17 languages;
  • The builder is free.
  • Custom premium add-ons

SiteOrigin Page Builder Cons

  • The builder’s user interface is not convenient;
  • An additional widget bundle is required.

10. Themify Builder


The themify page builder does have some powerful features. Even though Themify is free, it does offer a lot of premium features that will help you create a very good looking site without compromising search engine optimization.

Themify Builder Main Features

  • Front end & backend builder;
  • The builder comes with ready modules;
  • Predesigned layouts;
  • Animation effects;
  • Live preview editing;
  • The builder has its own cache system;
  • Undo/redo builder;
  • Custom styling.

Themify Builder Pros

  • Optimized for better performance;
  •  Helpful UI features like undo/redo & copy/paste
  • Themify doesn’t use any shortcodes to build a page layout. Once the builder plugin is disabled, all that remains is your content
  • Works well with all major WordPress plugins.

Themify Builder Cons

  • Lacks theme builder features
  • Not very intuitive
  • Very poorly designed interface
  • Poor design on pre-existing layouts
  • Lack header and footer builder.

Over to you

We have shown you our top WordPress website page builder at swicdigital. Do you have experience working with other page builders or have views different from the ones listed above? Do well to leave your comments below

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