Top 10 Best SaaS Landing Page for Tech Companies

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When it comes to the SaaS landing page, business, conversion is a bit on the tricky side. Why is this so? The answer is because websites are virtual storefronts whose ability to get customers can be affected by the following:

  • Bad scrolling
  • Lots of distractions
  • Clunky experience
  • Wrong placement
  • Wrong colour, button, whitespace, level persuasion and more.

The choice is yours guys. You can either be the entrepreneur that ignores the importance of experience and presentation, or you can be the savvy entrepreneur who understands the importance of having a top-notch SaaS landing page.

In this article, we will show you our top 10 SaaS landing pages for tech companies.

1. Eventbrite

If you’ve been around landing pages, then you’re probably familiar with the straightforward formatting style of landing pages. What makes Eventbrite stand out is that its design encompasses how they present themselves and what they do. As a brand, EventBrite chooses to use the tagline “The destination for experience makers” as opposed to using phrasing that focuses on “businesses that curate events”.

What is the logic behind this strategy you may ask? The answer is simple. This brand wants to show viewers like you that their service is targeted at not just events but experiences.

Primary feature 

1. Form for an insightful report on trends

Top 10 Best SaaS Landing Page for Tech Companies

2. Xactly

Xactly is a winner for folks who love something clear and precise. Usually, most SaaS landing pages are either too excessive in their attempts to reel folks in or too vague to make any real impact. Another common feature is the absence of methodical guides after submitting their form.

The average SaaS landing page also features calls and emails that just drive you crazy. 

What Xactly offers you is this: one form, one page, zero frills, zero funny questions. The least you’ll get is an exploratory call targeted at what you need and generally you as a user. Trust me, I hate to deal with all that distraction as much as you do. This is why I’m sharing this in-depth.

This final information helps you shape the custom demo.

Primary features

1. Overall design

     2. Reasoning

     3. Name game

3. Marketo

Marketo is the SaaS landing page for those of you reading this who love comprehensive support. Unlike other landing pages, Marketo does not require multiple images to display its capacity. Their overall makeup works well to provide you with maximum support.

So whatever worries you may have, this particular example has got all the loop ends tied. Isn’t that great?

Primary features

1. Easy to understand 4-minute intro demo

2. Video library access

3. Straight to the point

4. Simple and attractive design

Top 10 Best SaaS Landing Page for Tech Companies

4. Anaplan

This is one SaaS landing page that features a clean and classic design, together with some really operative elements. With Anaplan, you also get top-notch language and a concise form that pops up after you hit the demo request button. One more thing Anaplan gives you is a clear outline of Anaplan’s functionality and why they work the way they do.

As you browse, you will find an area for going through reviews plus two buttons pegged Contact Us and Get Demo. 

Primary features

1. User-friendly colour scheme

Top 10 Best SaaS Landing Page for Tech Companies

5. Shopify

Do you particularly hate it when online platforms make it difficult to sign up? Then you’re going to love Shopify. From your store name, email address to password, everything has been simplified for users like you. This landing page presents you with a wonderful experience that is far from salesy but just as effective. 

Primary features

1. Subtlety

2. Distraction-free

3. Compelling case

4. Bookended CTAs

Top 10 Best SaaS Landing Page for Tech Companies

6. Apptio

With Apptio, you get premium multiple access points. Generally, a particular marketing language that applies to Peter may not necessarily apply to Paul though both fall under the same buyer category or persona. Apptio allows you to offer your audience both the sales-driven and not so sales-driven language.

Have you ever liked a particular brand but didn’t patronise because their message or language didn’t quite appeal to you? 

Well, now you get to choose what is communicated to your audience.

Primary features

1. Ask a Question page

2. Find a Solution page

3. Join an Event page

4. Book a Demo page

5. Color theory

6. Subtlety

Top 10 Best SaaS Landing Page for Tech Companies

7. Domo

Of all the SaaS landing pages out there, Domo is easily the most customer-oriented, offering you the chance to exemplify value prop and to personalize your landing page. This is one landing page that highlights what you’re walking away with after your 60-minute onboarding session.

 These guys also encourage more exploration just to give you first-hand experience on how and why they can solve your problem.

Primary feature

1. A lasting impression

2. Versatility

3. Integration

8. Dropbox

This is probably the one you’ve heard the most about. Though most sources advise against having a landing page with long scrolling, DropBox offers you a veritable LP. There’s a chance you’ll get distracted a lot but then Dropbox explains quite simply how they plan to help you. It is also designed to prompt sign up and sales. Don’t you just love the multiple features? I know I do.

Primary features

1. Aesthetics

2. Pull-away form

3. CTA buffers

4. One-click sign-up

Top 10 Best SaaS Landing Page for Tech Companies
Top 10 Best SaaS Landing Page for Tech Companies

9. Github

I’m not sure what the designers were thinking when they designed this landing page but it is one SaaS page that is truly a hub. This is because GitHub is busy. Thus, likely to turn away first-time visitors.

The average visitor has two options:

1. Explore

2. Sign

When you can overlook the lengthiness and word-pack of Github, this is one landing page that provides smart navigation for you to grasp what the offering can do for exploration and conversion.

And everybody loves sneak peeks!

Primary features

1. Strong features

2. Nice execution

3. Limited navigation

Top 10 Best SaaS Landing Page for Tech Companies

10. Zoom

This last SaaS landing page is quite unlike Github. Two things make up Zoom. They are:

1. Informational balance

2. CTA

Zoom is designed a lot like Dropbox in the sense that though it has a long scrolling landing page, it balances this in a way that doesn’t send you running for the hills at the first try.  Zoom boldly showcases its form fields and CTAs. Some of its great specs are:

1. Pricing structure

2. Feature breakdown & social proof

3. Single-field sign up form

Here are its primary features as well:

1. Visuals

2. Pain points

3. Different CTAs

zoom saas landing page

Now that you know the best examples of what could work for your brand, simply relax and take out time to highlight what you want to see on your SaaS landing page.

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