6 benefits of using video landing pages

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Video captures attention, educates prospective customers, drives conversions, and provides valuable analytics about what’s working and what’s not working on your landing page.

Using landing page videos, among other benefits, could see your landing page conversion rate shoot through the roof. Ensuring your company makes a whole lot of revenue.

In this article, we will show you 7 reasons you should use videos on your landing pages.

What are video landing pages?

According to our friends at Unbounce, a video landing page is a landing page that uses video in some capacity to persuade the audience to perform a particular action. 

A video landing page is dedicated to a single marketing campaign or offer that uses a video to convert visitors. 

Furthermore, written content allows for only words, podcasts allow for the addition of tone, but only video allows for the entire spectrum of human communication to be delivered to the viewer. When you create a landing page without video, you are leaving 70 per cent of your communication potential on the table. 

This type of page can also be referred to as 

  • lead capture page, 
  • destination pages 
  • static pages 
  • post-click pages. 

Videos used on landing pages could be standalone, used alongside images, text and any other rich media. 

6 benefits of using a video landing pages

1. It increases your conversion rate

The average landing page conversion rate across several industries is only 3% – 5.5%. 

Adding videos to your landing page increases your chances of converting more site visitors into paying customers. 

Here’s an interesting stat. marketers who incorporate video into their campaigns experience 34% higher conversion rates.

Videos blow up your conversion rate through the roof because it’s easier to consume, the content is easier to retain and visitors buying decisions are faster.

2. You Rank better in search engines

One of the factors google use when ranking your landing page is how long your visitor stays on your page. The higher visitors stay, the higher your search engine result ranking will be. 

A very good video landing page design tool is WordPress. Because of how flexible it is, users can easily create a video landing page that ranks very on search engines. 

Report from mist media has it that people spend 88% more time on websites that contain video

Here’s the trick.

Once major search engines like google discover many people are spending your site, it means you must have quality content. So, they rank you. 

A good way to capture users attention is to videos between 30sec to 90 sec in length that tells a story, describe your product. Whatever video type you choose, make it very compelling and short. 

80% of people who watch videos on a video landing page recalls details of the product even for as long as one month.

Don’t forget to measure your search engine success with a tool like google analytics 

3. It Builds your brand personality.

These days’ site visitors buy from those they like and trust, not some random stranger on the internet. More people are shopping, working and communicating online daily making it the perfect place for you to put a face to your brand. 

To make your brand more human, use videos to showcase a hidden aspect of your business that rely on textual content.

For your users, the buying decision-making process is very emotional. Use videos, moving images and textual to convey your message in a way that it appeals to your site visitors emotion. 

Once you can gain this type of trust, your customers will keep coming back every time. 

4. You stand out from your competitor 

If you decide to start using landing page videos, you will be 50 per cent wiser than any other business owner out there. According to a survey by Brafton, only half of businesses currently use video in their marketing. There has never being a better time to start using videos on your landing pages. 

64 per cent of people who visits a business website are likely to buy their product after watching a video. It gets’ a lot better for businesses in the real estate sector. Real estate li­sting that include video get 403% more inquiries than those without video. 

With a landing page video, you can make your website a marketing tool. You can use it to introduce your brand to newcomers, answer your website visitors’ questions, or just to make ‘em laugh. Just use it to create a lasting impression. 

5. Landing page video helps your gain trust. 

Gaining your site visitors trust is a crucial element for any business that wants to gain credibility. It gives so much weight to your business when an exciting customer recommends your product or service to your site visitors.  

At swicdigital, we add testimonials to every one of our landing pages because we have seen in the past how this simple action can dramatically increase our conversion rate. 

6. Demonstrate your product better and faster. 

Based on reports from psychology today, the human brain processes video 60,000 times faster than it does text. The majority of humans are visual learners, we tend to absorb information faster and understand it more quickly when it’s communicated via video. 

Moving forward, less complex products can be communicated via few lines of paragraphs. When you need to review a more complex idea, service or product, video is the only way to communicate it fast and effectively. 

In a world where 72% of people would rather use video to learn about a product or service, video is very much needed. (HubSpot)


Now that you know the importance of using videos on your business landing page, understand you will want to upload to a public video site like YouTube, Vimeo and other social media platforms so you can easily embed your video to your landing page.

As you create video landing pages, make sure to include clean video headings, supporting articles for the video landing page, add key-word rich descriptions so your video gets found on search engines. 

Learn to use video landing pages and, you will be on your way to better engagement, click-through, and conversion rates!

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