web design training Programme

Learn how to start your own website design company and live the life you desire without any coding/programming experience.  Our classes are easy to comprehend and practice. 

4 weeks Intensive Coaching Programme

In our 4 weeks’ web design training programme, you’ll get a fast-track into how to create a website and start your own web design agency.

You’re happy with the website design skill you have, but you want to learn how to start your own web development company, this class is for you.

We’re constantly making changes to our website design curriculum. Even as web designers, we have to keep learning and applying what we’ve learned. How else can we ensure we are teaching you the right thing and building the right projects?.

The same goes for you, knowing how good a web developer salary is. Now it’s time for you to become your own boss.

In our 4-week web design course, we will tell you exactly what you need to know to start your own web development company. This won’t be techy talk, this is a highly personalised, intensive programme designed for your chosen web development niche.

4 weeks Website Transformation Programme - NGN30,000 + VAT

We will focus on 4 key areas, giving you personalised, actionable advice based on our research around what works in the industry.  Here’s what you will learn. 

Week One: Business Fundamental

Let uncover what make up a good web development agency.

Know how to set up your agency is the first step to creating a long lasting business for yourself and living the dream you deserve. 

We will work you from experience through all the vital aspects including niche selection, business model and brand formation.

Week Two: Design fundamentals

Allow basic knowledge serve as a build up for more.

WordPress makes design straight forward hence the during why it’s our choice tool.  This week, you will learn WordPress development and graphic design fundamentals using Figma. Our choice tool for designing the layout. 

We will show you around WordPress tools, free and paid plugins, widgets and others.

Week Three: Elementor builder

Nothing like a flexible building when it comes to WordPress. No more ‘tech headaches trying to create complex layout

No more ‘tech headaches trying to create complex layout

We will show you how to create websites using elementor WordPress page builder straight out of the box.

You will add pages, sections, text, advanced structures and create a single page website that will serve as a portfolio.

Week Four: SEO

Let’s get your clients pages to rank

If you want your client’s website to be a big success, you cannot ignore SEO. It’s a fundamental part of making a website visible on the internet.

We will show you on-page, off-page, keyword research, easy analytics and how to audit both new and existing websites.

SEO is key if you want your client’s site to rank on google first page for their choice keyword/search term. 

What else you will get?

As part of the coaching programme, you will be held accountable, given feedback and will have your questions answered. Here’s what else you’ll receive….

1 on 1Time With Us

After you’ve received your month’s classes and relevant worksheets, you will have a 45-minute video call with us where you can ask us your questions or gain our feedback on any changes important aspect of the course. This is once a month.

Compiled video of all the course

We will provide you with videos of all the topics we will cover in each of the weeks so you can always check back and review whenever your are confused.

Each video will be in HD format.

20% discount

We love it when our students make referrals for us. You offer our students a 20 per cent discount for every referral they make.

You can continue to make money from us after learning. Do let us know when you refer a student to us.

We Can Only Take On A Few Web design Students on our programme at One Time. Click on the link below to make payment for this months cohort


YES. This is an intense 4-weeks coaching course, designed to teach you how to start you own website design agency.

Basic knowledge is good but its always better to go indebt so you learn almost all there is about designing a good website for your clients. A website that suit the business type, generate leads and ensure steady flow of customers to your clients.

Yes, we’re more than happy to meet with you and who ever you will be learning alongside with.

the total cost of this Web development programme is almost 150k. You have to make that back. You also have to factor in the time it’s going to take you to go through the course and implement what you have learnt

Our students starts applying for jobs during the courses and huge percentage of them go ahead to start their our agency.

Everything we teach on the course can be implemented over and over again.

Once you’ve make payment, you will enter your details on a form to enable you join a this month cohort. 

It costs NGN100,000+VAT, to be paid on the same date.

No, if you really want to focus on one area first then we’re happy to mix things up. Just let us know in advance.

This is for individuals who want to start their own website design company or who want to improve their existing web development agency

There will homework. Every week we’ll set this homework and check in on you 😉

But we’ll be with you every step of the way and we’ll provide feedback on the work you do, and often we’ll do things ourselves and show you what we’ve done and why we’ve done it.


You might as well enroll, right?

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